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In 2007, Sukaso set up an ultramodern facility, which produces various milled Zircon products for use in ceramic and non-ceramic applications. This division has three main product categories, namely... 

  • ZIRCOMAT - O (for use as Opacifiers in tiles and glazes)

  • ZIRCOMAT - F (for use in frits and other ceramic compounds)

  • ZIRCOMAT - O F (for use in foundry, castings, glass and refractory industries)

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Chemical Analysis Zircomat 'O' Zircomat 'F' Zircomat 'O F'
       ZrO2 (  %)


       63.5%        63.5%



        1.4          1.4


       33.5          33          33 
      TiO2      0.20 max        0.17 max       0.17 max
      Fe2O3       0.1 max        0.08 max       0.08 max

Particle size

    Available on request

Available on request

Available on request

Specific Activity  γ

 Ra + Th <  4.6 Bq / g

Sukaso's R&D Lab has the latest XRF equipment and particle size analyzers to ensure high consistency and product repeatability. We have contracted annual requirements with leading global sand suppliers to ensure business continuity and constant quality.

In May 2009, Sukaso initiated plans to enhance its capacity, thereby becoming the largest manufacturer of milled Zircon in India.

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