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Frits, Lusters, Bases and other Serigraphy Products

We have created a specialized ceramic raw material quality department, which personally inspects, evaluates and monitors our partner's products, bench-marking them against the world's best. Some of the products we supply in large quantities are frits, glazes, luster, printing pastes, bases, printing oils and other serigraphy  materials. These products are sourced from one of oldest and largest Spanish organization, in an exclusive and unique partnership. We provide a complete range of services starting from tile designs, development to after sales service. Expert Professionals at Sukaso work closely with its customers to evaluate and recommend the best product to suit customer applications.

Alumina Grinding Media

Alumina grinding ball of high alumina content is an ideal ball mill grinding media as it can improve grinding efficiency without contaminating the product. High-density alumina grinding ball, being non-corrosive and economical, is ideal for both, wet and dry milling. Alumina brick lining, with its high resistance to wear and tear, is an ideal partner of alumina grinding balls.

With the objective of being a total ceramics raw material provider, Sukaso has partnered with one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of high-end grinding media products like alumina balls, high alumina lining bricks, inside lining bricks, etc, wherein we provide technical solutions depending on applications in collaboration with our partner. 

Boric Acid, Deflocculants (STPP), Wollastonite etc.

We have established exclusive alliances with premier manufacturers around the world to provide end to end solutions at superior value and economies of scale for our customers.

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