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Glaze Stains

Sukaso's R&D team has developed a comprehensive palette of vivid and attractive pigments to fulfill the extensive requirements and varied production processes of the glazed tile, sanitary ware and ceramic industries. One of the strongest characteristics of this carefully selected color range is its stability at high temperatures. 

Depending on the application processes, the particle size distribution of our products varies to increase efficiency and fitness for use. Launched in 2005, our dispersible stains (used in rotary application machines) have gained huge market acceptance.

Our Technical and R&D teams work continuously to develop new and innovative shades of colors. Our teams can also create shades that match any desired color displayed to them by our customers. 

Sukaso also offers technical advice and assistance on all matters related to its colors, glazes, engineering etc. It can also advice its clients on the ideal temperatures to be maintained in kilns for different types of production.

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Body Stains

In order to meet the needs of the growing vitrified and porcelain tile markets, Sukaso started manufacturing body stains in 1999 and has captured significant market share in its target markets. 

The company has been augmenting its color range with innovative and superior shades, which have done extremely well in domestic as well as export markets. 

Sukaso's stains are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions where parameters, such as, colorimetry, granulometry, firing stability, and powder homogeneity are strictly adhered to. 

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