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With the advent of globalization and subsequent opening up of trade, the international trade pattern has acquired a new shape across geographies and India is no exception. We, at Sukaso, foresee this growth trend to continue in the coming years. Despite a recession in the global economy in 2007-2009, Sukaso witnessed a robust growth rate of 70% per annum, as its exports grew by an average of 125% per annum.

The wide and diverse range of products offered for export by Sukaso can be broken down into three categories, Which include:

1) Ceramics colors/ pigments/ stains,
2) Opacificiers and Flours, and
3) Other ceramic raw materials

The significant trust on exports, coupled with the experienced pool of human resources, industry-leading alliances and the comprehensive variety of products offered, make Sukaso - a one stop shop for all ceramic raw material requirements.

Sukaso has been successful in creating a niche for itself in world markets like Europe, Middle East, Africa etc. The company has exported over 26,000 MT of colors, frits and other raw materials in calendar year 2008, thereby contributing 66% to the Company's total sales turnover in 2008.

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